ALINTESAR Furniture in the United Arab Emirates

Furniture is one of the most important design factors for décor, it is often the most expensive as well. That is why you should search and ask well before you buy home furniture.

The decision of buying furniture should not be based only on the shape, but rather on comfort, practicality, and durability as well, especially for the furniture that related to frequent use as a sofa-set.

That is why we have tried, in the ALINTESAR for Furniture and Decoration, to help you to choose the best one with a competitive price and high quality .. Choose the suitable design and we will design it for you .. Without the trouble of searching in the list of furniture stores that are located in the Emirates.

To choose the right sofa set for you, ask yourself the following questions:

2. What is the size of the sofa?

Before going to the store to choose the sofa for the room, you should measure the length of the walls, the locations of windows, doors and balconies and its height from the floor and the locations of it in the room. naturally, do not forget to measure the length and width of the room from the floors. 

If the room is medium in size, the sofa is placed facing one of the walls, taking into consideration the height of the window in case it exists, because it effects on the size of the furniture, whether it is a sofa or a chair.
So you have to measure the length, width, height and depth of the sofa in the store and compare it with the specified place and put it in the room to make sure it fits it.
As for small rooms, it is not possible to choose a sofa with huge sides or with a width that is larger than necessary.
In large rooms, large furniture appears boring, and its quality does not appear under the wide space and so on ..

How do I choose the right sofa color for my home?

The choice of color follows the individual’s taste and his tendencies. If the basic rule in choosing color is determined by the size of the room; In the big room, it is recommended that sofas have a dark color, such as brown, navy, or oily, with light cushions (or of a light degree of the color of the sofas).

As for the narrow room, the light colors are suitable, because they increase the spreading over the space. For the pillows, the diversification in color is preferred. If the sofa has a plain fabric, it is attractive to choose streaky cushions, but with a minimal amount.