ALINTESAR Furniture in the United Arab Emirates

Seeking Inspiration for Home Decor?

If you’re new to decorating or simply looking for fresh ideas, Al Intisar has you covered. Discover the latest home decorating trends and room designs that will inspire you to transform your living space.

How to Choose a Comfortable and Modern Décor:

Now, let’s answer the most crucial question: How can Al Intisar assist you in selecting a comfortable and modern home design? The process is straightforward if you follow these guidelines:

1. Choose Your Style:

Select a style that appeals to you, whether it’s modern, classic, or a fusion of both. This will set the tone for your entire home decor.

2. Coordinate Rooms:

Ensure that all parts of your home, from the living room to the bedroom, are coordinated to create an elegant and harmonious aesthetic.

3. Define Room Purposes:

Determine the primary purpose of each room in your home. This will provide you with the necessary ideas to choose the perfect decor for each space.

4. Prioritize Space:

Effectively allocate and prioritize space according to your family’s needs. This step is essential for creating a functional and personalized living space.

5. Choose Appropriate Colors:

Select colors that align with your chosen style, whether it’s classic or modern. Pay attention to the colors of your walls, furniture, and curtains.

6. Maintain Separation:

Distinguish the reception area from the bedroom, ensuring they have private entrances for added independence and privacy.

7. Focus on Integration:

Integrate design, size, and color to achieve a cohesive look throughout your home.

8. Old vs. New:

If you have existing furniture, ensure it complements new pieces. Each item in your home should be thoughtfully chosen to create a piece of art.

9. Distribute Furniture:

Place furniture in a way that aligns with its purpose, and consider the coordination of lighting, flowers, and accessories to enhance the ambiance.

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