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Furniture is one of the most important design factors for décor, it is often the most expensive as well. That is why you should search and ask well before you buy home furniture.

The decision of buying furniture should not be based only on the shape, but rather on comfort, practicality, and durability as well, especially for the furniture that related to frequent use as a sofa-set.

That is why we have tried, in the ALINTESAR for Furniture and Decoration, to help you to choose the best one with a competitive price and high quality .. Choose the suitable design and we will design it for you .. Without the trouble of searching in the list of furniture stores that are located in the Emirates.

To choose the right sofa set for you, ask yourself the following questions:

2. What is the size of the sofa?

Before going to the store to choose the sofa for the room, you should measure the length of the walls, the locations of windows, doors and balconies and its height from the floor and the locations of it in the room. naturally, do not forget to measure the length and width of the room from the floors. 

If the room is medium in size, the sofa is placed facing one of the walls, taking into consideration the height of the window in case it exists, because it effects on the size of the furniture, whether it is a sofa or a chair.
So you have to measure the length, width, height and depth of the sofa in the store and compare it with the specified place and put it in the room to make sure it fits it.
As for small rooms, it is not possible to choose a sofa with huge sides or with a width that is larger than necessary.
In large rooms, large furniture appears boring, and its quality does not appear under the wide space and so on ..

How do I choose the right sofa color for my home?

The choice of color follows the individual’s taste and his tendencies. If the basic rule in choosing color is determined by the size of the room; In the big room, it is recommended that sofas have a dark color, such as brown, navy, or oily, with light cushions (or of a light degree of the color of the sofas).

As for the narrow room, the light colors are suitable, because they increase the spreading over the space. For the pillows, the diversification in color is preferred. If the sofa has a plain fabric, it is attractive to choose streaky cushions, but with a minimal amount.

comfortable décor

Choosing a modern and comfortable décor

Al Intisar company will provide you with everything you need to know about décor 

Interest in home décor and designs has increased recently, starting from wall paint colors, furniture, paintings, accessories, and ending with lighting, experts advise you to consider the topic of comfort and modernity in design seriously so that you and your family members feel comfortable while you are at home, below we will talk about everything related to home decor.

Elements to consider when choosing a home décor:

Before we begin our article, there is a set of elements that must be considered when choosing a home décor, which we will get acquainted within the following lines

Model Type:

When designing interior decoration, it is advised to choose a specific style that applies to all rooms, this helps to create unity and harmony between the rooms and increases elegance. It is worth noting that there are many different models such as the traditional, formal, casual and finally modern style

Visual Balance:

The goal of home décor is to create a kind of visual balance in all rooms and this balance is achieved either by relying on the traditional décor style where the contents of the rooms are distributed symmetrically or the style is unconventional thus it requires the distribution of contents based on an anchor point in the room

Variation and diversity:

This element is the most important because it gives an elegant and comfortable touch to the home and if any mistake happens it would cause chaos and randomness. Variation and diversity are achieved by setting a certain rhythm for the elements that have the same color, texture or pattern and use them with a specific frequency according to the succession of sizes, colors, and shapes


The color is considered to be one of the most important elements of décor as well, you can notice that color gradations are used with great care because they show the beauty and elegance of the house. The color gradients also create a strong link between the different rooms of the house with their models and patterns.


This element is taken into account because the process of choosing the interior decoration of the house requires mixing the decorative patterns and this is done by taking into account the gradations of color and size used. This allows the integration of different patterns and eventually creating harmony between them

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If you don’t know a thing about decorating or just want some inspiration, you’re in luck

You will Find latest home decorating trends and discover room designs on Al Intesar

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How to choose a comfortable and modern décor? 

Here comes the most important question, how do Al Intisar use the decorative elements in choosing a comfortable and modern home design

The process of choosing home decor is easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

To start with, you should choose the style you like, whether modern or classic! You can also mix styles to have a new and modern style that would be something new and far away from repetition and monotony.

In order to successfully obtain new home décor, all parts of the room must be coordinated together to be perfect and to create elegant paintings on the walls and accessories of the room.

Determining the main purpose of each room in your new home. This will give you the main and necessary ideas to start choosing the new home decorations.

Distributing spaces and dealing with each small space in the house and prioritizing according to need, this is very important when choosing new home decorations so that the result you will get in the end is a distinctive house that serves the needs of the family members.

After that begins choosing the colors that will be used, and attention must be paid from the beginning to choosing between classic and modern decor because each type requires different choices in color, furniture, and curtains.

The reception section in the house and the bedroom section must be determined from the beginning. The two sections are separate and preferably with private entrances to provide independence and privacy.

You have to consider that the appropriate design must be integrated in terms of appearance, and size and that the color is appropriate to it.

In the case of the presence of old furniture, it is necessary to achieve consistency between the old and new furniture according to the room, and in the case of purchasing new furniture, a decision must be made before purchasing because the house is like a piece of art, each object in it must be carefully chosen.

When choosing new home decorations, furniture should be distributed in the interior space according to the purpose of its use, as well as taking into account the coordination between lighting and its distribution, flowers also, and various other accessories needed to fill the space and beautify the place.

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Using colors instructions: 

– The white color is one of the smoothest colors, as it can be used easily with all the other colors. White is suitable to have as wall paint for all rooms, especially in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

– The black color suggests classic and antiqueness and its use in painting, furniture or even in the accessories increases the luxury of home decor, but it is recommended that you  use it with white color, specifically in the rooms designated for sitting or dining rooms in general

– Gray color can be used as a classy background for the other colors present in the home as it can be combined with white, black, silver or ivory color, it is one of the calmest colors, which makes it suitable for all rooms of the house, especially office rooms.

– Violet, pink or purple are classified as royal colors and have a romantic symbolism, it suggests warmth and a feeling of relaxation, and it can be used either in the living room or the spacious salons.

– Green color can be used to paint the walls when the area of the house is small because it gives a greater visual dimension and gives a sense of psychological and visual comfort as it conjures nature into the interior of the house and can also be used in the kitchen cabinets

– If a person is looking for calm and tranquility, then it is preferable to use the blue color, it is the color of the sky and the sea, and it is recommended to use it in the bedrooms and the study, as it gives the illusion of a larger area, so it is preferable to paint the narrow rooms with it

-Yellow color can be used as a decorative element, whether paint, furniture or accessory for living rooms because it gives liveliness and vitality. The light orange color has the ability to rid the body of tension, so it fits the walls of the living room and children’s rooms

– The red color is preferred to be used in painting spacious rooms, entrances, and kitchens, however, it is not preferred to use in more than one room because it may give a feeling of distress and anxiety and there is nothing wrong with using it in some pieces of furniture and accessories

Al Intisar company will provide you with everything you need to know and have, all kinds of fabrics are available in our warehouses as well as the availability of the entire equipment you need such as Arabic majlis, sets, chairs, and beds.