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Al Intisar Décor Trading Company acts as a wholesaler through the UAE and overseas, and as a retailer through branches in Dubai and Sharjah.

Our services include:


    In response to customers’ transforming needs, our fabric collection spans a diverse spectrum of modern and classic designs and a range of materials originating from Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and China—but all stocked right here in the UAE for instant use.

    We offer a wide variety of textiles to be used for sofas, curtains, bedcovers, table covers, boards and other surfaces. Our collection includes velvet, chenille, jakarta, taffeta, leather, sheer fabrics, suede, viscose, cotton, lining and blackout fabrics.

    Explore our gallery to see a sample of the textile selections available, all in stock.

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    Whether a home or a hotel, we are pleased to carry out large and small scale project orders of wallpaper, painting, parquet and carpets in addition to regular furnishings in curtains and sofas.

    We also offer specialized services such as fire retardant, waterproof, and anti bacterial treatment on fabrics to ensure their safety and preservation, as well as a range of unique Curtain Blinds for a special touch to your room’s design.

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    In response to market demand, we now offer a range of wallpaper options suited for any room’s atmosphere. All our wallpaper options are stocked in the UAE for quick service and delivery.

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    Along with fabrics, we provide customers with all the necessary accessory components, from curtain trimmings to rails, sourced straight from the UAE.




    One of our newest product lines, our selection of wood plates, stocked throughout the emirates, add a unique element to the room when paired with curtains, Arabian Jalsat and wall designs.

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    For customers wishing to capture their own designs, Al Intisar can produce a variety of curtains sofas and other furniture through our factory in Dubai.

    Our curtain models include Roman, Cinema, Oriental, American and Drapes, and our Jalsat models range from Moroccan to Arabic and Oriental designs.

    On a daily basis, the factory carries out sofa, Jalsat, curtain, bed cover, chez long, cushion and bean bags production depending on customer needs. Feel free to visit us for a personalized design and we will furnish your needs.

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