What is E-Curtain ?

As it became possible for you to purchase anything online, we have developed the E-Curtain to help you create your own curtain without leaving your house.
Through this feature you can capture an idea or an estimate on how the curtain will look and cost you.

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  • ⇨ STEP 1 (Select your design)

    Select your chosen design from the pictures provided and to apply it to the curtains of your dreams.

    Our online gallery is just a sample of the colors and designs we provide—to discover more options visit our closest showroom.

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  • ⇨ STEP 2 (Select your fabric)

    Select the fabric you prefer from a range of delicate to lasting materials. Besides curtains, the fabrics shown here can also be used for sofas, Jalsats, chez longs and other furniture.

    Please note that colors in the images could vary slightly from reality. To see colors up close, please visit one of our showrooms.

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  • ⇨ STEP 3 (Curtain's measurements)

    In the final step, enter your curtain’s measurements into the boxes provided to get an idea of the cost of your curtains.

    Simply choose the fabric size based on your selections, and the quantity calculated will be the amount need to carry out your curtain dreams.

    This is only a very close estimate, non-inclusive of production and transportation charges. To learn more about delivering your curtains, contact us at any of our branches.

    Download Measuring Guide



Select your fabric size:
Single (140cms)
Double (280cms)

Enter measured width and height:

[Width in cms*]

[Height in cms*]

Note: Height is NOT required when selecting Double as fabric size.