Alintesar Décor Royal Chair


why IDT?

What distinguishes Al Intisar Company is the promptness in responding to customer requirements due to the availability of all kinds of fabrics in warehouses, as well as the availability of the entire equipment needed to manufacture all kinds of furniture such as Arabic majlis, sets, chairs and beds.In addition, the ability to execute complex and difficult designs where we overtake with the advantage of manpower with long and unique experience efforts under great supervision and mastery


Wholesale distribution

Our primary business line depends on importing and distributing fabrics to the majority of furniture manufacturers and offices responsible for interior design

Industry and Factory

We manufacture all types of furniture & curtains according to designs by individuals, companies, hotel & government projects.
In addition to supplying and implementing all types of fabrics with special requirements such as anti-fire and anti-bacteria

CNC and laser crafting machines

The ability and high efficiency to design and craft designs of 2D and 3D wood, whether from decors, sets or Arabic majlis.

Embroidery on fabrics

Implementation of all designs and shapes desired on different types of fabrics for curtains and furniture